Coil Handling Equipment For Conveyor Chain

Coil handling equipment helps to manage the entire process from start to finish, right from receiving the raw materials to the completion of finished goods in an effective and efficient manner. The main function of this machine is to place material in a coil or in a spiral shape, which helps in storing them until they are required again. As per the requirements of different production lines, this machinery may incorporate either single or multiple coil cradles, coil hoists, coil holds, coil lifts, uprights, unloading machines, and other related accessories. Moreover, there are many types of these machines which include:

Coil Handling Equipment

This type of machine provides the ability to handle wide widths and heavy loads. This is especially suitable for high volume and high speed industries, where the overall capacity to handle load is critical. Some of the common types of floor space consuming coil handling equipment includes: vertical radial inline, rotary inline, and rotary crisscross. Depending upon the overall production requirements and available floor space, this type of equipment is available in different configurations. Some of the advantages of using this variety of machine are:

– Single or dual-sided straighteners – Hydraulic straighteners – Direct hand crank / screw raked rollers – Double or triple-sided roller straighteners – Coils with preload relief – Induction heating systems – High-tensile steel plates

– Single-sided coil handling equipment offers a quick replacement and an efficient means to store material. These are mainly suitable when the overall capacity is minimal. A few examples of such equipment are: double sided swivel coil reels, flat bed coil reels and drum coil reels. – Dual-sided coil handling equipment is another option for high volume applications. It offers a cost-efficient solution for storing material and taking out the material as and when required. Some of the examples of Dual-sided Coil Handling Equipment are: drum coil reels, high-tensile steel plates and flat bed coil reels.

– A popular option for high-volume processing plants is an automatic feeder coil handling equipment. This is ideal for plants that process a wide variety of materials including fiberglass, oil, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, and polycarbonate. An automatic feeder allows workers to place materials on the conveyor belt automatically. These are available with a wide variety of features including: preload relief, adjustable cutting length, and variable speed controls.

– For large volume industrial processes, Coil Handling Equipment offers a solution for handling coils and rolls in a compact form. Some of these are: Coil Pallet Wrapping Machines, Roll Coil Automated Feeding Systems and Coil Carts. These provide efficient storage and transportation of coils, rolls and other materials. They help control inventory, reduce cycle times, and improve productivity. They can be purchased from leading manufacturers such as: Krones, ISO, John Deere, Bell Industries and Others.