Feeders and Straighteners

Straightener Feeder

Feeders and Straighteners

In the business of heat styling, a straightener feeder can prove to be an indispensable tool for accomplishing intricate shaping operations. This tool has gained much popularity in the recent years as its application scope widens. Now this equipment is used in a variety of situations from stamping, sheet metalworking and even for forming metal into complex shapes like circles and ellipses.

A straightener feeder consists of a series of gear wheel assemblies and fixed pole pieces that are fitted in between two sheets of straightened metal. Cylindrically shaped cutting tool is fed through the two sheets of metal using a gear wheel assembly rotating on two axes at high precision. High precision straightening is facilitated by high speed CNC servos which run through a CNC controller to regulate the operation.

The straightener feeder works by heating a stamping tool through a die gas. Die gas temperature is variable and controlled mechanically via a CNC dec Olsen. As the tool rotates, the metal layers are manually flattened until the desired flatness is achieved. This provides a perfect stamping surface finish and high precision. Feeding the straightener feeder through a die gas produces a very low-profile, smooth finishing.

The CNC controller enables the operator to set the level of flatness and other important parameters such as die flow rate, feed rate and CNC speed for the CNC servos. The feed roller and rod moves along a linear progression. It is supported by a removable bearing ring that is firmly pressed against the counter rollers. Removal of the bearing ring allows the workpiece to be removed or replaced for cleaning. This can also be used as a support bracket when installing fixtures in your CNC lathe. You can easily use a decoupler for additional accuracy.

A high precision straightener feeder coil is installed above or below the workpiece. The coil is an electrical current oscillator which feeds through a CNC decoiler straightener feeder coil. The coil car is made out of a special stainless steel which possesses anti-corrosion properties. The car enables the operator to precisely control and regulate the metal layer thickness for the best possible results with low distortion.

Feeders are used for many different applications including stamping, dering, engraving, deburring, and many more. They can also provide the smooth finishes, you need to create professional-looking parts that will last for years. If you are considering CNC machining and don’t know where to start, you may want to look into a CNC feeder system. These products are not just popular for machines, but for CNC lathes and other machines as well.