Cold Rolled Coil Upenders For Your Cars

Decoiler Machine, also known as Dec spoiler, is the new name for the highly popular Coil Upender. The new range of the Coil Upender: Super Deco, high-quality, ultra-fine detailed cold rolled coils of any desired thickness of up to 3mm, which is capable of processing both thick and thin sheets. Coil-upenders are not only used for car upholstery. Now it has become an integral part of every vehicle that uses a manual transmission (M Transmission) or an automatic transmission (A Transmission).

Decoiler Machine

Why the name decoder machine? It’s because while in the past decoupage artists used brushes to apply decoupies, now using a modern technology the Coil Upender machine produces a perfect decorative item for your car or van. It uses an innovative thermal technology to apply the decoupage coating to any sheet and its surface. It can be easily removed without damaging the paint. Its exterior and interior surfaces are thoroughly cleaned before it is installed.

The process of applying decoupage is very easy and convenient. It uses a special decoupling brush that is heated to extremely high temperatures to melt and bond the decoupage coating on the sheet. The heat is gradually released until the entire sheet becomes smooth. After it is installed, the Coil Upender machine works to make your vehicle look elegant and stylish with different effects, from the traditional out-of-the-box finishes to contemporary and modern designs. It can be used to create door handles, boot interior, rear quarter panels, mirror surrounds, instrument panel, door panel trim, side skirts, body side grilles, etc. The entire car gets a totally new and unique look.

The Dec spoiler machine works perfectly with any type of vehicle. Whether you want to upgrade the aerodynamics of your vehicle, or make it more sleek and elegant, this amazing machine has everything you need. Its innovative thermal design allows it to work even if there are low ceilings or tall buildings in the area you are working with. It is because of this advanced technology that the decoupled produced are long-lasting and have excellent adhesion properties. Unlike other similar products, the Dec spoiler machines produce very little distortion.

The latest models of this product have excellent features such as the automatic lubrication system, the uncoiler feed tray, the anti-corrosion of finished materials, the seamless roller system, the anti-static control and the stainless steel roll forming. The seamless roller system allows the decoupled to be produced on a large scale. These features have made the Coil Upender machine one of the most popular products in the auto detailing industry today. If you wish to have a vehicle that possesses high quality detailing and exceptional aesthetics, you should consider investing in a Dec spoiler machine. It will help you with your car detailing needs and make your car look spectacular.

One of the great features of this amazing decoder machine is that it can produce ultra-smooth and flawless roll-up metal sheets, regardless of the vehicle’s height and diameter. These amazing pieces of equipment are truly designed to provide excellent customer service. You can ask for advice on the use of this amazing product and you will receive valuable tips and guidelines from the experts. You will also be able to find support regarding questions, concerns and complaints. Therefore, if you wish to purchase a cold rolled coils decoupie and ensure that it will serve its purpose to your greatest advantage, the Dec spoiler Machine is certainly a great buy.