How Does a Dec Spoiler Machine Work?

Decoiler Machine is an integral part of modern industrial press production. Basically there are two types of decoder for different presses, manual or the automated one. This article talks about both types and their functions.

Decoiler Machine

As I have said before, a Dec Spoiler Machine is a vital part in the manufacturing process. The operation of this machine is not so complicated. For a typical layout of the working components consist of: a cutting wheel with teeth which are shaped in the form of a spring, and a cutting blade and a bender, which move the wheel and cutter over the surface to be cut. These moving parts are fitted on to a steel coil stock that is then inserted into a standard machine feed.

It is easy to understand how these parts function. For example, cutting blade and cutter is used to cut the uncoiled sheet metal. This is done by pushing it under the coil handling machines spring. And when the blade gets stuck in the coil, the operator uses the bender to lift it up to the desired height, which helps to uncoil the coil and cut it.

But the real beauty of this unit is the fact that the operator can easily adjust the speed at which the coils are rotating. This way he can control the thickness of the strip or sheet that is being fed through the decoiling machine. The feed rate can be increased or decreased depending upon the requirement of the job. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind while using this type of machine is that the metal must be heated up to the appropriate temperature range to avoid any corrosion. This will ensure that the strip or sheet gets melted to a specific shape and size.

The most important aspect that a customer should look for in a coil feeding unit is that it should be durable and robust. Also check out whether the decoiling system is fully automatic. The most common types of automatic units are the roller and the slide-type. If you are looking for an economical model, then it is better to choose a roller type decoder, which is more suitable for smaller works. The decoder that comes with a sliding system is more expensive, but the user can adjust the size of the coil on the fly. Also, the roller type decoder is ideal for work sites where there is need to feed a large number of strips or sheets.

To use the Dec spoiler Machine, one has to remove the boot and set the machine on the work area. Once installed, you have to bolt it to the workbench with the help of nuts provided on the unit. Check out how easy the machine is to handle and operate as the process might take some time. Then feed the coil or strips into the feed tube through the airlock. You can then start feeding the material through the coil on the top of the machine. Once the material passes through the coil, you can close the cover and watch the machine do its work.