Straightener Feeder – K&N Hydro Straightener

The Aida RF Series RFD Straightener Feeder provides the ability to handle a large variety of diameters in a small space. These feeders provide a very smooth and consistent diameter for use on a variety of diameter material such as copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, glass and many others. They can even be used to straighten hollow tubes. The unique technology that is incorporated into these devices allows them to be used in applications where mechanical pressure is not required and they are made with high quality materials which include hard carbon materials.

Straightener Feeder

These incredibly useful straighteners are made using high quality materials that are capable of providing both wear resistance and chemical resistance. In the past these feeders have often been referred to as “coil upenders.” The Aida RFD series offers a much improved solution to the problem of “tuning” the diameter of the metallic feed through the use of an electrical current. The RFD feeders are able to provide a tighter diameter than most other designs while still reducing back feed times.

They come in both indoor and outdoor versions. You can mount the feeder to a workbench or table top in either configuration. There is also a model called the Portable Copper Dome Straightener which can be mounted on a table top and used like a portable version of a lathe. When mounted directly onto a workbench the dome design creates a very clean and neat look that eliminates unsightly copper smudges.

The Aida RFD Straightener Feeder is available in three different models each with a slightly different diameter of feed to meet the diverse needs of fabricating applications. The smallest of these three models is the Portable Copper Dome, which is suitable for applications requiring only a minimal amount of metal to be fed through the feeders. The other two designs are designed for use in larger areas and require the use of ten, twenty or forty-eight inch copper tubing. For use outside a building, a forty-eight inch feeder is recommended.

The Aida Straightener uses the same electro-permanent magnetic damping technology that is used by the company to build their fine copper wires and cables. The material is coated within the aluminum to make it more pliable and durable for use in a wide variety of situations. This coating also makes it easier for welders to cut the material without damaging it. When you install the straightener feeder you will use an eight gauge wire as the core of the feeder. This is small enough to be easily welded but large enough to handle the material without it warping or damaging the weld.

This is just one application where the Aida Straightener Feeder might be a useful choice. It’s not uncommon to find the straighteners being used for other purposes as well such as flooring applications and water systems. The Aida Straightener is a popular product and it has won many awards for its outstanding performance. For the price, however, it is hard to beat the price of the K&N Hydro Straightener because it is designed for the industry specific job and is made from the finest materials. For larger jobs and where durability is an issue the K&N Straightener may be the choice you are looking for.