How Different Is Straightener Feeder Machines?

The Aida Straightener Feeder is an efficient and effective straightener that offers its users an excellent value for their money. The Aida RFD Series Straightener Feeder covers a whole assortment of material thickness and width, providing a quality service for its users. The RFD-series offers four complete types of feeders: Dec spoiler, Coil handler, Coilsaver and Coilsucker. The Aida T-feeder series offers a variety of different feed sizes to choose from. All of these types of feeders are specially designed for the smooth functioning of each other.

Straightener Feeder

These feeder machines work by bringing the hot metal up to the correct temperature level for faster oxidation of the iron while it is being drawn through the iron. When the iron is at the correct temperature, it becomes pliable and malleable enough to be used directly by the user. Aida straighteners are quite popular because of their ease of use. They also perform better compared to other common types of feeder machines.

The Aida T-feeder straighteners are made out of forged 6060 aluminum and the handles have been crafted to be comfortable and durable enough for the users. They are available in different colors such as green, black, gold and silver. This ensures that there will always be a style and color that suit the exact requirements of any consumer.

The Coilsaver is another popular straightener and these are also made out of forged aluminum with polished finish and powder coated handles. They are available in different colors and are quite stylish, when compared to the other straighteners. The machine comes with an adjustable heat setting which makes it easier for the users to set the heat level they need. The overall performance of the Coilsaver straighteners is great due to its powerful motor and dual coated heating elements.

The T-feeder is an electronic straightener and the process does not require any heating at all unlike the other machines. It utilizes copper wire to feed the steel through the feeder and the results are great looking and evenly heated portions. This also has a feature wherein it can detect the coldness of the copper and adjust its temperature accordingly.

The Mimex has features that make it different from other straighteners in that it has temperature and moisture sensors. This enables the user to precisely determine the right amount of water needed for the fabric to dry and to prevent over-drying. This also prevents the metal from corrosion. When the temperature gets too hot, the metal becomes unstable and the coils within the coil may get overheated.