What Are the Different Types of Dec Spoiler Machines?

Decoiler Machine

What Are the Different Types of Dec Spoiler Machines?

Decoiler Machine is a type of lathe that features dual feed plates. It is used to cut metal and plastic with precision and accuracy. There are generally three types of feed plates for the machine. They are called as Single Pass, Double Pass and Centering Feed. This machine comes in many varieties, models and sizes.

The Dec spoiler machine can perform various kinds of cutting in different sizes, shapes and materials. In fact, decoder machine only has limitation to stamping different materials. Only parameters that you have to consider is the maximum single pass and maximum double pass. Material will not have any effect on the performance of decoiler machine. But you still need to take into account material when you select any other coil feeding machines, such as Centering Feed…

Centering feed is used to cut curved shape from sheet materials or thick machined metal. Centering feed works by making a thin cross section through which the material is fed. It is also known as uncoiler or single cut feed. Many companies offer many types of decoiler machines including Dec spoiler with Speed Control System.

Dec spoils are used by mixing two or more complementary power supplies to form a single unit. There are mainly three types of dec spoilers with different mechanism and characteristics. These are Hydraulic, Electric and Coiled spring. The characteristics of each type vary according to their mechanism and loading capacity:

Hydraulic deck spoiler machine is suitable for large volume production line jobs. This is a good machine for low pressure applications and low speed operations. In general Hydraulic coil screen offers high flexibility and versatility over coil stock width. This feature gives users the flexibility to adjust the coil screen size to meet the exact requirements for their applications.

Electric dec spoils offer excellent benefits to users because it has high load bearing capabilities and high level of precision. It uses a heavy duty electrical motors to control the speed of the coiled wire while preventing slippage. It works best with materials that have low tensile strength and high load bearing capability and hence is widely used with low speed operations like auto manufacturing line and assembly line machinery.

The third type of Dec spoiler machine is Coiled spring Electric. This type of deck spoiler machine features robust performance with less physical work and reduced cost. It is a good choice for low speed operations in which a low level of force is required. As compared to Hydraulic and Electric dec spoil machines it is cheaper and easier to handle. Moreover this is capable of handling materials that have higher tensile strength.

All the three types of dec spoilers above have one common factor, which is their unique ability to provide smooth and accurate positioning of the coils without affecting or damaging the slabs. They can easily handle high tensile loads. All the three types of coil handling machines also have the ability to perform uncoiling and shifting operation smoothly and easily. With these unique characteristics, which are not found in any other similar equipment, it is evident that the Dec spoils are the preferred choice for manufacturers.

All the three types of new spoils have some common characteristics like smooth operation, excellent feeding rate, excellent feed rate control, excellent ease of handling, easy application, quick start-up and high level of torque for smooth and accurate positioning of the coil. In addition to all this they can easily handle heavy material and do so at reduced cost as compared to other similar products. In short, the Coils spoils are the best choice for manufacturers to cater to the changing demand of the market for coil feeders and coil handling equipment.