Decoiler Machine Overview

Decoiler Machine

Decoiler Machine Overview

Decoiler Machine is a high tech twist machine that performs various functions with the help of powerful motor and gear driven mechanism. It has been designed to provide maximum performance to the users by easily adjusting the stripping and coiling process of the strip or the wire. It can perform both semi-automatic and automatic processes. In order to run the product easily it contains three major parts. Main parts are Coils, Upenders and Legs.

Hui Te Waukien Decoker Machine is a high quality decoder with excellent features that suit for all types of coating sheets including Nylon, Polyester and Cotton. This machine provides the users with real and durable results with simple operation. Hui Decoker Machine contains a series of categories like strip cutting, coil upender and sheet metal uncoiler. It is mainly suitable for all kinds of sheet metals and is capable of easily heating and pressing the heavy coated sheet directly.

Coil Upender Decoker Machine is a unique cold roll forming machine that is made up of high quality coil that is attached to a cylinder and pressed or slided by hydraulic cylinder. This cold roll forming machine is an ideal choice for the users with limited space. The process is completed quickly as well as effectively.

Dec spoiler press is a unique model, which is built by utilizing a large cold press. A number of sliders are used in this system for coiling and straightening the wire or the strip. The straightener machine is a superior product that utilizes a unique rotary wheel with variable speed capability. It offers the users with consistent results and produces quality flat and smooth metal sheets. Another benefit of using this type of straightener machine is that it is a compact size and can be conveniently fixed on the workbench. Therefore it helps you to utilize your working area for other purpose also.

A special feature of the Decroller Machine is the pressure control valve. The machine uses a special clutch system and powerful motor to increase the pressure of the press. For heavy decoupage projects, the clutch control valve will prove a beneficial option and will also ensure safety and reliability. If you are looking for quality performance at a reasonable price, then it is recommended to go for the Pressure control valve driven by an electric motor with an overload protector.

The Decroller Feeding Equipment consists of two major parts. Firstly, the dielectric press feed, which is a thin metallic tube and is fitted on the top of the rotating cylinder that provides the compressed air or gas to the sheet metal or the metal strip. The Feeding attachment is placed below the cylinder and the same is fitted on the front of the dielectric tube. The press feed moves from side to side when the arm is rotated and the feed moves into the sheet metal or other material. When the arm is rotated downwards or forwards, the pressure inside the cylinder automatically increases and the sheet metal gets hot. In case, the feed is rotated upwards or downwards then the increasing pressure in the cylinder will cause the sheet metal to get hot and the metal strip to become distorted.