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The AIDA Wireless Coil Straightener is an excellent choice for the professional hair straightener technician. Its unique electrostatic heating capability makes it a great choice for the service industry. The Aida RF Series Straightener covers a whole spectrum of material thickness and width handling abilities. They are extremely useful to the hair dresser, the professional hair stylist and the straightener repair person. LFA-C and LFA-G Series straighteners can handle various kinds of metals including stainless steel, titanium and acrylic.

The Aida SSI Series Coils are designed to handle a variety of metals. Available in various thicknesses, the stainless steel coil straightener feeder has received rave reviews and is suitable for the majority of applications. It offers super-smooth results with consistent styling and offers maximum strength. The nickel-plated copper and aluminum-banded copper coils offer similar features to each other. The stainless steel coil straightener feeder is the ideal solution for the professional straightener repair man who needs to handle large amounts of copper plate. This type of coil straightener is ideal for the service man who needs a durable and reliable straightener feeder that can stand up to the toughest curls.

The Aida SSSI Series consists of five different sizes of straightener feeders. Available in both compact and full version, the compact version is perfect for use in hair salon press operations or on commercial hair processing lines. The full version, however, is more suited for professional applications where more material can be handled. These straightener feeders feature variable speed magnetic ceramic drive technologies, allowing for faster styling and overall faster press operations. Also available in the full version is the SSSI Mini Turbo, which has high speeds and allows for faster and more consistent styling.

The T3 Hair Straightener is an ideal tool for all hair salon users and technicians alike. With its compact size and variable heat settings, this hair straightener is perfect for any hair salon or hairstyling business. The ceramic plates used in these devices are made from the toughest and most durable metals and can handle any type of curl and size of hair. The T3 is also very lightweight and has an automatic shut-off system, which is very useful for all types of users. When the user turns off the device, it does not burn up the battery like other devices require.

For salon owners or hairstylists who work with multiple users and multiple treatments at a time, the SSSI Super Stick Straightener is the perfect option. It is capable of providing unlimited styling for all types of hair and comes in three sizes to suit all customers’ needs. This straightener has an automatic shut off system as well, which saves users from the hassle of manually turning the device off after each use. The SSSI Super Stick is also extremely lightweight and has the same warranty as the T3.

There are so many options that consumers have these days when it comes to hair care products and tools. The goal is to find products that can offer users everything they need but also help reduce their costs. Using a hair straightener as a tool allows users to get the most out of their dollars and helps them save money while getting professional results. These are just a few of the reasons why these straighteners should be purchased by consumers today.