The Best Coil Handling Equipment

Coil Handling Equipment

The Best Coil Handling Equipment

Coil handling equipment is used in the assembly of coils for the purpose of storing the coils are placed on the handle bars of the equipment. A coil handling system feeds, balances, store, positions, straightens and securely feeds material of different sizes and weight to the tooling of an assembly line. This facilitates the efficient positioning of coils without affecting their position during the manufacturing process. A basic type of this equipment is the roller rack handlebar press. Other examples include the wire feeder system, wire center press, wire feeder system, wire collar press, wire cutter press, and cable hoist press.

The main components of the coil handling equipment are: air feeds, feeding rollers, wire feeders, wire feed handlebars, and air compressor. Air feeds transport the material from the storage tanks to the tooling area. Feed rollers are fixed to the handlebar and extend along the length of the coil where it is required. These rollers help increase the feed rate of the wire by reducing the travel speed of the wire through its axis.

After the storage and positioning of the coils, the next task of the coil handling equipment is to set up the desired number of rollers and the feeding lines. The size and installation of the setup time depend largely on the type of equipment. In general, it is recommended that the setup time is as little as possible for long-run presses while other equipment requires quick setup time.

There are different types of coil handling equipment available for the assembly of coils in the industries of gas trolleys, oil platforms, cement tanks etc. In these cases, the basic function is the same. The principle remains the same for the working of each of these equipments. For example, a hoist belt machine is used for setting up the coils on a high level. This belt is then operated by a crane. Once the installation process is complete, the crane will lower it down and move the coil cars towards the ground.

On the contrary, the process mentioned above can be done for smaller diameter coils, which need to be assembled with the help of portable or overhead cranes. When it comes to the designing process of coil trailers, there are certain points which must be considered. The overall length and width of the coil should be properly measured and this measurement should be taken of both the vertical and horizontal directions. The coil sizes should also be chosen according to its capacity.

These factors are important in order to get the best results. The process of coil handling equipment assembly is basically divided into the hot coil processing and cold coil processing. With the advancement in technology, the cold coil processing has become more efficient than the hot coil processing. This equipment has been designed mainly for manufacturing and construction purposes. Hot coil stackers are primarily used for the transportation of raw materials to various factories. In addition to that, these machines are also used in the process of laying pipes, conveyor belts, and other industrial components.