Coil Handle and Gauge Equipment

Coil Handling Equipment

Coil Handle and Gauge Equipment

Coil Handling Equipment plays an important role in any type of metal working industry. A coil handling system securely stores, retrieves, positions, feeds materials of different sizes and temperatures to a particular tooling production line. When working with large quantities of coils, it is necessary to ensure that each coil is handled by hand or by a specially designed coil straightener machine. These machines are capable of handling both hot and cold coils.

Coil handling equipment makes it possible for manufacturers to manufacture complete tooling applications. Among the different types of coil handling equipment available, the most popular are hydraulic and electric powered straighteners. Hydraulic straighteners are usually used when maximum power and flexibility are required at the same time. This type of coil-guided straightener is available in both direct and indirect flow versions. Hydraulic powered straighteners are widely used in applications requiring extremely high temperatures because they allow for the controlled expansion and contraction of the coil while enabling complete tooling consistency.

Another type of coil-guided straightener available in the market today is the lb type coil end bender or Lb Corp. The Lb Corp. produces and markets a wide range of coil handling products including; Lb Corp. Lb Tubes, Lb Feed Couplings, Oil Fed Coil Ends, and Lb Connectors. The company produces its products with a dedicated team of engineers dedicated to providing customers with the best in class product performance and design. The company believes that its customer should always receive the highest quality product that is engineered to their specifications.

A hydraulic straightener is generally used when a low-powered electrical motor is required to support the overall feed system. However, high power output is not required. The Lbs Corp. is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality products at an affordable price. The company believes that every person wants the best value for their dollar.

A key benefit of using an automatic feed line straightener is that the mechanical advantage allows for precise positioning and alignment regardless of the location of the equipment. This reduces the need for manual work and avoids operator fatigue and error that often occur with traditional press feeding lines. Because the system is so accurate and robust, it is used in a variety of applications including; oil tank and chemical processing plants, air conditioning systems, the mining and lumber yards, as well as the aerospace industry. In addition, it has the ability to perform under any type of operating condition, providing consistent handling in all types of climates.

The company can also provide a full range of single and multi-stage coil feed products to meet your specific requirements. For instance, you may need a fully automatic roller to assist in loading and unloading the vehicle, a multi-stage stamping roller, or a high-precision abrasive stamping roller for precision surface enhancement and accuracy. Whatever the application, a fully qualified and certified Coil Handle and Gauge Experts can make your request. They have representatives and technicians available to take care of all of your needs, ensuring that you get exactly what you need.