How Does a Vertical Grinder Operate?

The LSS53 Vertical Grinder by Wagner is extremely strong and powerful enough for even the toughest grinder jobs hence making it an ideal choice when full access to power is not of prime importance. The rigid, vertical design with an aluminum nodular cast iron cylinder and air tight vertically spinning brush gives impressive long life and performance. It is so strong that it can withstand extremely tough work load and still maintain its top performance. This is because the machine is designed with an extra strong frame and cast iron body which ensures its rigidity and strength.

This vertical grinder from Wagner is equipped with a fully adjustable diamond plate face grinding spindle. It also has fully variable speed and bearing transmission. The working distance is adjustable as well due to the use of interchangeable beveled edges on the face grinding spindle. This grinding option allows you to perform fine tuning work on the workpiece without having to return the whole piece or change the face grinders.

The vertical grinder in this category has an integral hydraulic system that delivers both clockwise and anti clockwise movement for the two hydraulic cylinders. The maximum operating torque is provided by the low speed electric motor which is driven by a rechargeable NiCad battery. This type of chuck has an adjustable chuck face that can be locked in either the vertical or horizontal position thus enabling it to be used in either grinding mode or for sliding operations.

This vertical grinder from Wagner is another ideal machine for high precision abrasives wheels. The high precision stainless steel drive and transmission unit are enclosed in a heavy duty aluminum body. The drive unit and its two high precision aluminum alloy wheels are encased in high precision bearings. This type of chuck can only be operated using one set of sliding and anti-clockwise gears. It is also available with either an automatic or manual clutch. The high precision, single speed transmission is also coupled to a three position rotary chuck which provides the user with a wide range of cutting options.

This vertical grinder from Wagner is another unique type of milling machine that delivers both clockwise and anti-clockwise movement. This is precisely similar to the chuck as described above. However, it also features a fully automatic clutch system that delivers the highest level of precision. It is also available in a wide range of diameters and types of workpieces with diamond bearings. This range enables the users to select the appropriate grinding angle for their specific applications.

The majority of the vertical grinder models are able to generate more than 0.35 mm clearance. They are also capable of producing smaller particles which are less likely to cause jamming and blade wear. In addition, the high level of clamping force and the efficient cooling system to ensure that the users remain satisfied with the performance of these units.