Vertical Grinding Machines

The Vertical Grinder by AmeriGlide is an innovative vertical metal grinding machine that is ideal for professional metal working as well as for home shops. It is all-metal, direct drive grinders that can easily be adapted to any work piece by interchangeable bits. They are very user friendly and available in a wide variety of sizes and specifications. The machine comes with two inch chuck attachment for grinding fine and irregular materials. Also there is a special grinder adapter kit that is useful for use with this machine. It allows a complete change of speed and angle for maximum performance.

Unlike most of its counterparts, the vertical grinder from AmeriGlide is robust and powerful enough for even the toughest aggressive grinding jobs ensuring it a valuable option when maximum portability is of primary importance. The fully rigid chucks with nodular aluminum cylinder and air driven vertically positioned air motor gives impressive long service life plus reliability and durability. In addition to its rugged dependability, the unit also has a fully adjustable chuck angle that gives users an ideal grinding result depending on the workpiece size.

The vertical grinder is equipped with two diamond wheel base and steel gear case that are designed to give reliable and effective performance in a wide range of applications. A worm drive system is used to transfer the workpiece from one side to the other. The two worm wheels have a variable range of speed and angle for easy movement according to the requirements of the project. It is one of the machines that is ideal for material removal and grinding applications. The machine is equipped with one-handle, push button operator panel, removable work platform and dust collection ports for maximum dust efficient operation.

The machine is equipped with two worm and wheel assemblies for both horizontal and vertical movement. In addition, it includes optional attachments for material removal, grinding, material removal applications and the rotating bucket for lifting and lowering of the rear wheel. The optional accessory kit includes two bucket hoppers, a grinder blade and two grinders. The grinder blade is a powerful tool that enables grinding, EDM or abrasive hardening and polishing operations at high speed. The grinding wheels are made from Teflon coated steel and are durable for heavy duty use.

One other important feature of this vertical grinder machine is its ability to provide consistent and excellent cutting results despite the varying workpieces and cutting speeds. It also reduces the level of material distortion and provides a uniform and smooth cutting surface. The clamps on the vertical grinder enable users to maintain a constant diameter error and provide a smooth and soft edge during processing. The clamps on the Vertical Grinder Wheel Base are precision-tuned for greater and more precise operation, including zero-drag and user-friendly operation.

In recent years, many third party vertical grinder machines have entered the marketplace, offering the benefits of solid state and eliminate the need for a power cord. These units include programmable software for customized applications and can provide users with uniform cuts, less distortion and better accuracy than their corded counterparts. This technology has enabled many operators to install and use this efficient method of vertical grinding in less time and with less skill. With this ability and a good chuck attachment, even a smaller shop can benefit from vertical grinding.