Woodturning Techniques and Tools Used in Turning

Turning Spindle Turning, or ‘turning in centers,’ is a popular woodturning technique, referring to an object on a turning wooden lathe which is turning on its central axis. The object may be a part of the turn or may be used to create another element of the turn or be used as part of the entire turn. If the object is used for both creating a part of the turn and for the whole turn then it is known as a ‘turner’turning in’ the center of the turning lathe.

Many types of turning spindles are available and there are various techniques that can be used in spindle turning. The most commonly used technique is the ‘direct turn’ which is done by turning the object directly on to the spindle. It is usually the case that two objects are turned at one time and that they are both placed on the turning tool before it is rotated once again, thus forming the complete turn. This is called a direct turn.

Another technique is known as ‘indirect turn’ which is used when objects are being turned and placed on the same line but are not being turned directly on to the spindle. In an indirect turn the object must be placed on the spindle at the same time it is turned so that a line is created between them, and when this line is drawn onto the turning tool the object is now turned on to the spindle and can be seen at the same time.

Turning machines are also available which can be used for turning objects on to the turning lathes. Some machines can be used with both the tool itself as well as an object which are placed on the opposite end of the machine. These type machines are often referred to as ‘indirect turners.’ One type of turning machine which can be used for turning objects onto the turning lathes is called a ‘spindle puller.’ A spindle puller is basically a device which pulls the object back into the turning tool as it turns.

Other types of turning machines are used in conjunction with the spindle in order to turn objects and make a complete turn. Examples of these are the ‘spindle changer,’ ‘turner lathe,’ and ‘turner roller,’ which use a lever to turn the spindle in a direction and keep it in place so that it is parallel to the spindle in order to turn the object and complete the turn, the ‘turner lathe,’ which is similar to the spindle changer but does not pull the object to the spindle and uses an arm or bar instead to turn the spindle, and keep the object in place, and the ‘turneraser,’ which is the most complicated of these three because it uses a gear to turn the spindle and keep it parallel to the spindle to create a turn.

Turning machines are very popular due to their ease of use and ability to create different effects on the turning spindles. Some models are so complex that one needs to hire a mechanic to turn the device for one to understand it fully, but as long as one knows the basics of turning then it can be simple to use these machines to create the same effect as other tools without the hassle of machinery.